In this week’s feature, we have Rena Mak, who is the lady boss for Love Lust Lashes. We have to admit that National Service is never a thing for many ladies out there, but serving the nation is Rena’s childhood dream. Isn’t she amazing and courageous?  

Scroll to find out more about her and be inspired too!

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3 words to describe yourself:
Bold, frank, persistent

Life Motto:
Soaring beyond limits; that used to be my Wing's motto back when I was in OCS, and it has now become mine. I remember a joke made by my Commander because we were always being punished for everything. We were "sorry beyond limits" instead of "soaring beyond limits" haha!

What inspired you to join National Service?
It was a childhood career dream of mine. I buried it after all the discouragement I received from people around me, even my teachers from primary - secondary school. It was only until I met this lecturer (whom I'm still very thankful for and still in contact with) who encouraged me to chase after my dream, and even allowed me to meet various people who are in service for many years, that I went ahead with application and put pen to paper on the contract.

One memorable incident when you were serving the nation?
It has to be during BMT. My section mates and I were all done with digging our shell scrapes so we decided to gather our combat rations in a large ziplock, and sat in MY shell scrape to eat and drink (sweet food). Obviously, a bunch of girls talking and laughing while eating means there will be crumbs dropping into the shell scrape. Guess what, I woke up with ant bites all over my body! 😆 We still talk about this incident sometimes and it never fails to tickle us.

A must-have piece in your wardrobe.
It has got to be my trusty jeans! I feel that with a pair of jeans, I can pair anything with it and it will still look fine! 

What is in your travel bag?
Enough clothes for the trip (I pack according to the weather on my travel dates!), my makeup pouch, toiletries, iPad Pro (to do work on-the-go!), DSLR, camera tripod, SD card-to-iPhone reader (so that I may transfer photos from my DSLR to my iPhone for Instagram postings 😬), mini iron (you never know!), two wallets - one for SGD + credit cards and one for foreign currency, and of course my passport! 

What kind of traveller are you?
Well I have friends who travel overseas once a month (sometimes more frequent) but I only travel when I have the free time to do so - my schedule is pretty packed! So I guess I'm labelled as a "leisure traveller" instead of a professional one? Haha! (Sorry I'm talking gibberish)

Next travel destination?
I'll be heading to Osaka, Japan in about a week! Can't wait!

Any travel style tips?
I always pack an extra white T-shirt, white button down top and a pair of denim shorts, just in case I have to get ready quick to go somewhere impromptu. As they're basics, it's pretty easy to match with everything else.

What do you like about Yacht 21?
The brand new style concept! The pieces (figuratively) call out to me because of its minimalism, and the uniqueness of the design. It feels like effortless styling when I tried on the pieces in Yacht 21's flagship store. (Have you checked out their fitting room self-adjust lights? You've got to!)