In celebration of International Women's Day, YACHT 21 will be featuring amazing women whom are namely friends of the brand, sharing their very own personal stories with us.
In the second feature of our series, we have Monica, who is the ladyboss of The Ordinary Co. Scroll to find out more about her (we love her advice to women!) - her favourite holiday experience, travel style tips and a must-have in her wardrobe. What is a must-have in your wardrobe?
3 Words To Describe Yourself
Adaptable, dreamy, easy-going
Life Motto
"If we can't find something pleasant, we will at least find something new" - Voltaire
Your Favourite Female Role Model
One of my own good friends, Janine who is both beautiful and intelligent. She's taught me a lot about how to be a lot on how to be a better human being! 
Your Advice to all Women Out There?
Support each other and be happy for each other's achievements - I truly feel proud when my friends do well and women can get too competitive sometimes. Positivity breeds positivity - sometimes what we give out to the world is what we'll receive back.
A Must-Have in Your Wardrobe?
A high quality slip dress which you can dress up or down!
What Kind of Traveller Are You?
To be honest, I plan every single detail like crazy before the holiday from where we will go to what I will wear, but when it comes to the actual holiday I'm really chill - if we miss things on the itinerary I'm totally fine. It's just nice to have options, plans and good food options at the back of our hand to make the most of our time since we are only ever in one place for the briefest of moments!
Favourite Holiday Experience?
My most positive holiday experiences revolve around good food with my partner. I've also gone to countries alone with a group of strangers (school trips, exchange) and have everyone come back as friends. Connecting with people when overseas and having this single, irreplaceable experience somewhere so far from home is so rare and special to me.
Next Travel Destination?
Most likely Hanoi and Sapa in Vietnam at the end of the year!
Any Travel Style Tips?
Pieces that don't crumple easily are essential. It may also be troublesome but a great hat makes all your travel pictures look extra special, plus it's actually easy to pack! Just turn it upside down in your suitcase and stuff it with clothes to help it keep it's shape and maximise your luggage space.
What Do You Like About Yacht 21?
I love how each piece transports me to a state of mind that is somewhere far-away and breezy, even if I am just going around my usual day-to-day activities in Singapore. It makes everything more fun!