In this week's feature, we are glad to have Shirley Wong, also known as LittleMissBento.
Designing and creating bentos were more of a hobby rather than a passion.
It all started back when Shirley was an OL and she started packing lunch box for herself to avoid being left out by her colleagues.

Soon, it became a daily routine. No one knew she would turn a hobby into a successful career now. Not only is she designing bentos, she is also a cafe consultant for many popular cafe company. 

Read on to be inspired by Shirley!

 Top: Maebry Floral Off Shoulder Top in Blue

3 Words To Describe Yourself 
Energetic. Arty and Messy

Your Advice to all Women Out There?
When you have a goal in mind, work towards it and most importantly, have faith in yourself. Regardless of how difficult it may be, if you are passionate about it, i will highly encourage you to go for it. Do not let anything go in your way. Remember, When there's a will, there's always a way!

A Must-Have in Your Wardrobe?
Off-shoulder Top!!

What Kind of Traveller Are You? 
Definitely a shopper! But i would say i'm also a city girl, i love visiting and eating.

Favourite Holiday Experience?
Definitely in Japan when i get to try on a traditional kimono and walk in the streets of Japan. It's so beautiful! 

Next Travel Destination?
Japan (Again) and Probably Sydney too!

Any Travel Style Tips? 
Tip #1: Choose wrinkle free clothes because they are easier and more convenient to manage. They usually do not take up a lot of spaces when you roll and pack them in your luggage.

Tip #2: Pack clothes with compatible tones. In this case you can be versatile in matching them without having to bring tons of clothes.

Tip #3: Layering makes a worn outfit look different! In this case, you can trick your friends into thinking you packed many outfits but in fact they are the same one. 

Tip #4: Bring sensible shoes! I would highly recommend flats and boots. They are definitely easy and comfortable to walk in. Some tips for ladies out there, if you want to make your body and legs look longer, wear nude pointed flats. They would be the best choice.

What Do You Like About YACHT 21? 
YACHT 21 is a brand that i will wear often. Their designs are very comfortable and versatile, can be worn during all occasions. If you want to look pretty and fashionable yet not overdressed. This is the perfect brand for you.