haar Attic : The Salon

Hair & makeup by: Max Peh

Max Peh, the founder of haar Attic
is our hair stylist and makeup artist for Resort 2017, The Havana Collection.
Inside Max's studio there's a nice mix of vintage retro and modern days flavor.

Dozens of vintage textiles can be seen around the studio,
a velvet seating appoint as the waiting area,
and Max's unique taste of design is everywhere...
 including the area where he serve his client,
where he has reinterpreted a "go with the flow" design and
where his love of earthyness can be seen.

To uncover what motivates Max in pursuing his dream to become a hairstylist
even though he has a diploma in engineering.
I wrote this and conducted an interview with max,
detailing his journey and personal experiences in this field.

>>> Where did your studio's interior decoration inspiration come from?

I always love earthy tones.
Besides the placement of the seats and mirror,
everything else is based on "go with the flow".

>>> What inspired you to be a hair-stylist?

I love art and craft when I was young.
I love to create things with my hands.
I have always been interested in hair styling since my teenage days
where I always keep a lookout for hairstyles and colour.

>>> Would you say you are different from other hair-stylists?

I can be rather technical,
but I find that one needs to have an eye for minor details in this trade.
I believe strongly
"Cutting hair isn't just purely about the technical aspect.
Visual and touch are two common senses I use during my work all the times.
They are very important in creating a hairstyle that suits the person."

>>> How much do you charge for a basic haircut?

Hair cut with me starts from $68.

>>> What does good customer service mean to you?

I find that customer service should come from the heart.
Just be genuine about it and it will flow.

>>> When is your most enjoyable moment as a hair-stylist?

I guess I have to say when my clients are coming back and having the trust in me.
And each session is like a sharing session
about our life while creating something they wear everyday.

>>> What are your future plans for the next 5 years?
I will like to build up and inspire a team of hair stylists that have the same passion in haar Attic.
To do hair with our heart.

For enquiries or appointments, please provide mobile no. & email them or call at:
Email: info@haarattic.com
Telephone: (65) 6835 9811
Location: 18A Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089125 (2nd floor)