Our 9th Anniversary Party at Wheelock Place,
26 May 2018

YACHT 21 turns nine this year!
A very big thank you to all our lovely customers who have been showing your great support to us all these while.
We officially opened at 11 am,
but already there were customers anxiously waiting outside!

We also specially prepared a "Complimentary Ice Cream Treat"
for our customers, exclusively for the event.
It was coconut mix with atachi flavour chosen by our founder, Jaren.
She believes something traditional is important,
there must be a reason why people love it.

Did you enjoy it?

We love to understand every customer.
In this birthday event,
   we got the opportunity to have conversations about their needs on clothing.
We loved our customers who were willing to share their story, thoughts and feedback with us.

Our ninth customer.


Meet our team!

Happy birthday to us!