Behind The Seams

[Founder’s note] 📝

For the longest time, I have been working behind the seams with a team of passionate and dedicated individuals to launch collection after collection. It has been an ongoing marathon for us. However, with Covid-19 looming in the air, our marathon turned into a triathlon but we are not giving up. We took the opportunity to get inspired to change the way we design our collections, become more transparent in the way we do things and launch new concepts.

By introducing @yottoliving,  I was hoping to inspire our community without disrupting our usual operations. @yottoliving is a conscious initiative I started to share ideas on mindfulness, conscious living and sustainability. In the same light, we aim to reduce wastage by crowdfunding our designs before producing for our online store. Since this is a pilot project that requires time to fine tune and gather responses.

Speaking of transparency, I prepared a summary of our design process for you to better understand the fashion industry, what we are doing as an indie fashion label and what goes behind the dress you bought. Please feel free to chat me up via DM if you have any feedbacks or ideas to share with me. 🙌🏻  I would love to hear from you.

All my best,