Behind The Seams with designer, Wanteng

(Wanteng is wearing the Mila Crop Top and Barbara Culottes.)

Wanteng is a Singapore based fashion-designer working for Yacht 21. She developed her career as an assistant designer to our founder, Jarenis. She has now successfully progressed to designing her own collections, working with our production team and her current collaboration with local visual artist, Jacelyn, on the Y21 X Bbblob Collection. Follow her design journey on instagram via @_imtwt.

This interview focuses on her design process and journey with Yacht 21 as a fashion designer:

(Fabric selection and concept mood board during Wanteng's design process.)

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you get into fashion design?

Wanteng: When I was young, I wore dresses sewed by my grandmother and while watching her do it, I was influenced to learn from her. At the age of 10, I was already sketching designs, hoping to turn my imaginations into reality.

I was determined to join the fashion industry as a designer because of a film on Yves Saint Laurent. I got deeply inspired by his creativity and design process. I still do.

(Fabric mood board helps with material sourcing during Wanteng's design process.)

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Wanteng: Artsy casual - I love to experiment by matching minimal basics with unconventional pieces to make a statement. I believe in owning the freedom to fully express myself through the way I dress.

(Raw sketches by Wanteng and her detailing mood board.)

As a designer, is it possible to create anything that you can imagine?

Wanteng: Yes, I am glad Yacht 21 allowed me to do that, even though the outcome might not always turned out the way I imagined it to be. I have learnt to embrace imperfection while enjoying the process of alterations to perfect my designs.

(Raw sketches by Wanteng and her detailing mood board.)

Has the pandemic affect you and your design work? How have you been able to stay motivated and creative during this difficult period?

Wanteng: Yes it did. There is a stronger need to design outfits that are versatile for working from home and going out. Creating mood boards and reading up on helps me to stay focus. I dance during my spare time and it helps me to stay fit throughout this pandemic.

(Conceptualisation mood board and sketches by Wanteng.)

What advice would you give to other young designers hoping to make it in this industry?

Wanteng: Dare to be different and listen to your own instincts. Don’t forget you are unique in your own beautiful way.  

Shop her latest Summer 2021 collection, Endless Summer.