Fuss-Free Fashion: All that You'd Want

Micaela Linen Tie Shoulder Dress

Effortless is the new effort — and nothing screams (or casually suggests) effortless more than clothing pieces you can just throw on. The merciless emergence and persistence of the Covid-19 virus has made work-from-home much more a reality than ever before. And since there is hardly the need for dressing up from head to toe anymore, most of us are seeking comfort in the clothes we wear, to make our time working at home, well, comfortable! Yet, we still want to look somewhat presentable for that odd meeting our bosses call for in the middle of a Wednesday.

So what we really need are presentable pieces to throw on every morning to last us throughout the day, and it’s best if we don’t even know we have them on. We have to look neat and tidy from our waist up, but ultimately our garms need to provide us the ease of motion and optimum comfort so we can immediately retire to our beds during tea break.

What we want are fuss-free fits. We want the 3 Cs - comfy, convenient and chic. We don’t want to look like we tried too hard, and we don’t want to try too hard. That’s why we think one-pieces like dresses and jumpsuits are the go-tos for the days we don’t want to fuss about what to wear. 

One-pieces are full outfits by themselves - no pairing of tops and bottoms needed! That’s a few less decisions to make in the morning when we’re half-awake. The best part about them is that they are suited for just about any occasion; perfect for those few days where you have to show up at the office or meet with a client, and those after-work catch-ups with friends - conveniently hop over to the cafe next door to grab a cuppa! They’re easy to match, easy to pull off, easy to wear, easy to care for (little ironing required, anyone?), and in essence, just easy. With such clothes, you can take it easy and focus on everything else that matters.

So our advice is, stick with fuss-free clothes like one-pieces and never go a day looking less than appropriately-dressed. Here’s some one-pieces that’ll help make things a lot easier:

Pictured: Caitríona Side Button Midi Dress

Easily dress up or down with this basic dress. We love that the thick straps feature the use of buttons to adjust them - how unique! The side slits give the dress some character, but are also of work-appropriate length. We all need such a wardrobe staple!

Pictured: Gingham Layered Midi Dress in Purple

Look sweet and flowy in this light purple maxi dress; smocked pieces are always in trend, and so easy to wear too - great for the ladies that don’t fancy the whole zipper affair. This smocked maxi also features layered tiers, giving it a textured look. Elasticated puff sleeves that can be on or off the shoulder elevate its elegance as well.

Pictured: Kiera Duo Tone Maxi

Speaking of easy-wearing flowy numbers, this duo-tone maxi has knee-high side slits and a front-wrap neckline which hint at some playfulness. The waist ties help to cinch in the waist as well, and can easily be loosened after an especially-satisfying meal. We love a waistline that’s really flexible, for our really flexible stomachs.

Pictured: Trella Floral Maxi

Pictured: Zaynab Midi Dress

Pictured: Mireya Printed Wrap Dress

Pictured: Josefina Floral Dress

If you’re one for prints, the maxi dresses above may catch your eye. Talk about eye-catching ensembles, these dresses really do the trick for staying comfortable, convenient (just a slip on, and off we go!) and chic. Pair them with some heels and add classy to that list.


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She looks forward to sharing her love of fashion with everyone!