The Art of Slow Living by Vanessa Chua

Artist: Vanessa Chua, @vchua_ 

Her inspiration:

This series was birthed from the concept of slow living - creating art that finds rest amidst the noise. It’s so easy to get lost in the fear when we watch life breeze us by. But in these gentle pieces, isolated shapes share spaces with nature - a reminder that we are worth the rest in the organised chaos of life, and we are not alone. It's okay to grow slow, and take time to pick up the pieces for your next adventure. I'm choosing to trust in the process, so we don't lose today worrying about tomorrow.

Words from Artist:

As a multidisciplinary creative, my focus lies in creating people-centric art. Pieces that tell authentic stories creatively, and bring emotion to our knowledge. Whether it's a documentary, a portrait, or designs of everyday life, I hope my art brings people together.


Vanessa's works are currently showcased in two of Yacht 21's Holiday Shops, located in Bugis Junction and Jewel Changi Airport. To purchase her art, they are available online at