Yacht 21 was founded in 2009 by Jarenis Ho, an “accidental” fashion designer who does not conform to usual conventions.

Influenced by her travels abroad and minimalism of Scandinavian design, Jarenis's designs were kept clean and functional, yet varied in the wearer’s individual aesthetic. In the early stages of her brand's creation, she would imagine her muse, leading a quiet luxury lifestyle on a yacht and cruising across the globe to experience diverse cultures at every port of call.

In an effort to reflect her unwavering enthusiasm from the beginning, she chose the number 21 for the name to signify her desire for the brand to remain vibrant and energetic. Mirroring her own attitude when she embarked on her first business venture at the age of 21. 

From YACHT 21 to Y21

The reinvigorated label, under Y21, aspires to help women build a modern and long-lasting wardrobe that is functional, easy to mix and match with existing pieces, comfortable to wear anywhere and lifts the spirits of women everywhere.  


Wear Anywhere

Y21 offers versatile, fuss-free and effortless urban resort wear for the modern women. We believe it is for the better as we learn to embrace the importance of versatility, comfort and quality in our designs to align with the new hybrid lifestyles women are leading. Where women used to have different pieces for work, parties and vacations, we now have a more blended existence and need outfits that can be worn anywhere while maintaining a strong sense of purposeful style.

The Purpose

At Y21, we craft collections that could help others cultivate joy in their lives. Each piece in the collection is designed with joy in mind, from the vibrant colors to the comfortable fabrics. The collection includes a range of pieces, from cozy oversized shirts and bermuda shorts to playful dresses and jumpsuits. The designs are fun and vibrant, inspired by the colors of nature and the joy of living in the moment.


”Joy, Community, Freedom”

To spread the message of cultivating joy, we partnered with local artists and content creators who share our values. They are showcasing our collection in their social media platforms, sharing their personal experiences with cultivating joy and the role our collection plays in their journey.

Our brand is not just about selling clothes, but a lifestyle of cultivating joy. We believe that by intentionally practicing joy in our daily lives, we can create a ripple effect that can spread to our loved ones and the world around us. So join us in our journey of cultivating joy, and wear our collection as a reminder to take joy in the small moments of life.