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The Bagel Bag - Shaped like a half bagel, the bag is crafted from polyester fabric, featuring Bbblob's collage print - Channels. The double knot spacious form opens with a magnetic push stud into a navy blue lined compartment.

Measurements: 16cm (width) by 15cm (length)

Designed & Manufactured by Yacht 21

Name of artist: Jacelyn Zhen, @_bbblob

Her story: Jacelyn is a visual artist and designer from Singapore. She works with independent labels to develop branding, logos and print design. Through creating with others, she hopes to continue reinventing ways of seeing.

Her inspiration: 

Channels is a collage print based on an original paper collage work. The colours are painted on paper then cut out into shapes to form the artwork. The collage is an exploration on colour blocking.

How the Bagel Bag is made:
The Bagel Bag is cut from the same piece of digitally printed fabric of Bbblob’s collage, which explains why the pattern on each bag is not identical. Creation process for the bag also takes more time since all knots are tied by hand.



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