Y21 Woman #1 / Maritha Mae

Y21 Woman #1 / Maritha Mae

Y21: Why did you decide to strike out on your own as a photographer?

Maritha: I picked up my first camera when I was 12, but it wasn’t until later in life after dabbling in a few other jobs when the time felt right. My decision was rooted in a deep passion for the craft along with my lifelong desire to call attention to the beauty that’s in this world.

Y21: What does your typical day look like?

Maritha: Ha - with two kids and the nature of my work, each day is truly unique. Generally though, my morning ritual starts with prayer, then breakfast, work, fetching the kids, playtime, dinner, more work.


Y21: What challenges do you face in your day-to-day life?

Maritha: Balancing work and family life; creating healthy boundaries so that each area of my life has the proper time they each need to flourish.

Y21: Where do you look for creative inspiration?

Maritha: Nature, travel, art, and culture.

Y21: What's your personal style?

Maritha: Classic, casual & airy.

Y21: What makes you happy?

Maritha: My boys and husband, spending time in nature, creating art that truly matters, spending time with close friends.

Y21: What does freedom mean to you?

Maritha: It means being able to live out who you were fully created to be without fear or inhibition.

Y21: Any tips on maintaining a healthy work life balance?

Maritha: Put your phone down when you’re with your family, and make sure you take 1 day out of the week to just rest.

Y21: You’re both a mum and a photographer. How do you balance your time between the two?

Maritha: It’s definitely a juggling act. I do my work when my kids are at school or my wonderful husband is hanging out with them. When I am with them, I try to be as intentional and fully present as possible.

Y21: What advice would you give young photographers?

Maritha: Bloom where you’re planted. Remember that good things take time. Also, be a lifelong learner and keep on soaking up new information no matter where you are in the journey. It’ll help you grow and become a better version of yourself. 


About Maritha Mae 

Singapore-based international fine art wedding, portrait and editorial photographer Maritha Mae uses a mixture of medium format film and digital mediums to provide a unique & refreshing perspective to wedding, portrait and editorial photography through her timeless, classic and elegant style. Influenced by her Asian American upbringing, her clean, organic images are filled with light and meaning and are created to draw out the innate beauty of each moment.

Follow Maritha Mae on Instagram, @marithamae.
Photography by Bernecia Low, @bernecialow.

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