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Better Outfits Everyday.

At Y21, we embrace the importance of versatility, comfort and quality in our clothing designs to align with the new lifestyles women are leading. Where women used to have different dresses for work, parties and vacations, we now have a more blended existence and need outfits that can be worn anywhere.

Shop By Purpose


Fun-ctional weekend outfits with a pop of colour. A good, simple-to-wear day dress is the polished answer to getting dressed.

Home & Easy

Whether you're transitioning from a barre class to brunch or planning a weekend away, look no further for the perfect home & easy outfit to make you look and feel effortlessly chic and relaxed.

Seasonless Staples

Fuss-free and timeless wardrobe essentials. Wearing a classy outfit is one of those things that makes getting ready for work easier.


The Straits Times

"The debut collection kicking off the new identity features cosy, comfortable separates, knitwear and more single-toned basics. Prices for the pieces range from $30 to $80."

CNA Lifestyle

"Her brand had to move away from promoting travel-friendly collections meant for vacations and pivot to designing functional fuss-free pieces to help their customers adapt to changing lifestyles."

Her World Magazine

"Customers can also shop online on yacht21.co and pick up their orders at the Wheelock store. They can try their buys and make an exchange on the spot if they do not fit.”

Y21 On You

Share your latest looks with #Y21Together for a chance to be featured.