Founder's message

Founder's message

Dear lovelies,

For more than two years, we have been living in a New Normal. The pandemic has hit the fashion industry especially hard, disrupted travel plans and everyone's way of life. The way we dress for work as well as how we think about dressing up has changed. For me, I believe some changes are for the better. I am now more focused on how clothes make me feel rather than just their aesthetic value.

Since September 2021, my team and I introduced a new orange logo [Y21] that encapsulates the spirit of the reinvigorated brand using the colour of sunset. I love sunsets because they are a daily reminder that there is beauty in change, the loveliness in endings that bring new beginnings.

We began by designing purpose-inspired fuss free pieces that cater to the needs of the modern women for versatile, comfortable yet stylish clothes. To stay sustainable in our own ways, we started working with new production partners that allowed us to manufacture clothes in smaller quantities without compromising on quality, as well as working closely with fabric wholesalers to avoid wastage by using the same fabrics for more than one design.

As we turn 13 this 26th May, please know how immensely grateful we are for your continued loyalty and support. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.


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