SG50 Samsui Goes to Work

In conjunction with SG50, YACHT 21 pays tribute to the Samsui Women - a group of pioneers who contributed to Singapore's infrastructure as general labourers in the construction industry. The Samsui Women, also known as “红头巾” (hong tou jin, mandarin for “red headscarf”), were named after their trademark red headgear. They are usually dressed in dark blue or black samfu which comprises a set of blouse and trousers. Inspired by the Samsui women's signature outfit and the folds of the red headscarf, Singapore designer Jasmine H. created a range of silhouettes for the modern day women of Singapore who worked equally hard for their dreams and families. The celebratory cruise collection features the “sailor's knot” and several interpretations of traditional Samsui women's workwear in a gamut of nautical hues. YACHT 21 salutes the silent heroines who are tough, resilient and hardworking.