Y21 Woman #11 / Kat Kurate

Y21 Woman #11 / Kat Kurate

 About Kat
Katkurate - a social media pen name of Kat’s that embodies her fondness of the arts and fashion aesthetic. Both a health professional by day, also a content curator in her own rights, she loves the freedom to how anonymity has served her. Not only is she able to discover as well as express her authentic self along the process, she hopes that the typical notion of beauty can be viewed differently through the modern lens.

Gathering meaningful experiences, with all the beautiful connections, has made Katkurate what it came to be - a conscious yet creativity-filled space that encapsulates inspiration for women to relate to in regards to their own unique journeys. 

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Y21: Why did you decide to strike out as an anonymous content creator?
Kat : Being anonymous is liberating – there is that freedom in curating and to create with a clean slate, away from mainstream social media stereotypes or biases with focus on my content. The online community often has a bad habit of self-comparisons. So I saw my anonymity as an opportunity to shift the way beauty is conceptualised, perceived and valued.

Y21:  What does your typical day look like?
Kat : I like to start my mornings by clocking a quick home workout, including having my daily cup of coffee before heading to work.  As a healthcare professional, I find myself with a back-to-back schedule and only able to unwind at home over dinner. Moreover, I was only able to unwind over dinner after reaching home. In my free time, I love spending it with family and friends, going on new adventures, learning plus experiencing new things.

Y21: What challenges do you face in your day-to-day life?
Kat : It can be easy to lose focus on what is important amidst the hustle and bustle. I am mindful to keep my cup full and avoid burnout, but sometimes I tell myself that it is perfectly fine to go with the flow instead of constantly overthinking it. Let yourself be drawn to things that energises and refreshes you.

Y21 :  Where do you look for creative inspiration?
Kat : Life! I draw inspiration from anything and everything, from art to architecture to travel. Lately, it can come from interacting with people from different walks of life by connecting with them at a deeper level. Each of us has our own stories of different backgrounds along with experiences, and it makes the 'ordinary' that extraordinary.

Y21 :  What's your personal style?
Kat : Simple, chic and effortless! I like mixing feminine and masculine pieces, because it adds an edge to a look. Wearing what makes me feel like myself, allows me to be confident yet comfortable. We change as we journey through life, so keeping an open mind as well as embracing how you feel when dressing up is key. I have learnt to just be myself.

Y21 :  What makes you happy?
Kat : I realised over the years that happiness can be quite simple, that it does not require much. I used to think material things would give me great satisfaction, so I worked hard to achieve them, but looking back – it is about the people and experiences that brought joy, meaning and fun to my life.

Y21 : What does freedom mean to you?
Kat : Being able to feel, choose and be authentically me. It empowers me as an individual to express myself whilst also standing for the things I value most.

Y21 :  Any tips on maintaining a healthy work life balance?
Kat : I view it as work life harmony, after all we spend a significant amount of time at work. Which is why I feel strongly about aligning personal goals and passion with work. Harmonising energy in prioritised areas may be a more sustainable way to keep going.

Y21 :  You’re a healthcare professional and a content creator. How do you balance your time between the two?
Kat : Time management is important, but being efficient with time goes a long way. It can be challenging during the weeks when work demands more of me. I find planning for potential pockets of free time ahead and prioritising my list of to-do’s helpful. I also enjoy documenting and sharing my day as I go along, somehow it has become part of my daily life! 

Y21 : What advice would you give to your younger self?
Kat : Follow your passion, do what you love, keep that focus.

Photographer : Eugene Loo

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