The Escape Edit

The Escape Edit

This collection captures the spirit of adventure, freedom, and self-discovery that comes with embarking on a solo trip.

Meet Juanita, a busy woman on the go, took a bold step and embarked on her first solo journey.

Our collection begins with the story of a woman who, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of her fast-paced life, decides to take her first solo trip.

Craving the freedom and flexibility that accompanies solo travel, she seeks an experience that is entirely about herself.

Through the pieces, we hope to inspire and empower women to prioritise their own self-care, embrace adventure, and discover the joys of solo exploration.

Join us as we delve into the world of solo travel. Let the power of self-discovery, adventure and growth, ignite your own sense of wanderlust. A total of 7 edits will be launched between March till 21 April 2023.
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