Y21 Woman #13 / Mey Chan

Y21 Woman #13 / Mey Chan

About Mey Chan

Hypnotherapy - a form of mind-body practice adopted by Mey, to help others alike who have experienced mental health challenges with depression, anxiety, cognitive or behavioural struggles. Mey believes in the 'Journey with You' approach aside from the conventional, clinical methods. In allowing her patients to draw out a new discovery within themselves, along the recovery and transformative process. 

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Y21: Why did you decide to become a clinical hypnotherapist?

Mey: Having lived through depression and anxiety, I found that the conventional treatment of medicines as well as talk therapy did not work well for me. I took the journey to explore new ways, and discovered what truly helps me – Hypnotherapy.

Having known the comfort, I would like to be a comfort to others. I studied therapy skills, to dedicate my time to journeying with people on their road to recovery in mental wellness. To see them be well, and become even better than before.


Y21: What does your typical day look like?

Mey: I don’t really have a typical day. Each day can be rather different as my therapy is customised for each client, which can be indoors, outdoors, active, or sit-down. My typical week include 3 days for therapy work (walk, talk, creative expressions integrated with hypnosis), 2 days for community work (dementia care volunteer; elderly befriender). 

No matter how my day is like, I will try to set aside time for my favourite thing – tea time!

Y21: What challenges do you face in your day-to-day life?

Mey: Finding meaning and learning the little things in life, as I do get bored with routines. And to not be too comfortable with change either.


Y21: Where do you look for creative inspiration?


Nature: Clouds, sun, sky, waters, greens

Spaces: Vast, uncluttered, quiet, quaint 

Y21: What's your personal style?

Mey: Japanese minimalism with a dash of quirkiness - loose cuts, comfortable fabrics, muted colours. Mixing things up with layers, vintage pieces with interesting accessories.

Y21: What makes you happy?

Mey: When I see the spark light up in people’s eyes, as the dark clouds over their heads are replaced with a comforted smile, it really makes my heart warm.

What does freedom mean to you?

Mey: To be at peace with myself, and in so, be at peace with others.

Y21: What is mindfulness in your own words?

Mey: Often, mindfulness is loosely associated with hypnosis which is much richer.  In hypnosis, one is in a heightened state of alertness while feeling fully relaxed (like daydreaming). Thereby deepening connectedness with myself and becoming more aware of what is affecting me. Thereby discovering and deciding what truly matters to me. 

Y21: Any tips on maintaining a healthy work life balance?

Mey: Often, we see work and life as competing interests. If we shift our perspectives, we can learn to "Make Living my Work, and Find Life at Work".  

Work is not just my job (paid work).  It is living out myself with others. This is expressed in the different roles that are entrusted to me: As a child, a spouse, a parent, a friend, an employee etc. or simply just me.

In each role:

- Discern the needs at hand - which are important, which are urgent.

- Adjust my energy focus according to my capacity and what I truly value.

- Find the intensity balance that works well for me, and do it.

- Help others to understand my choices and communicate it well. 

Y21: What advice would you give to your younger self?


- To stop seeking the “likes” of others or to be like others.  

- To know who you are and live it out consistently.

- Less of “What If?”, more of “So What!”.  

- Less of “How Can?”, more of “Why not!”


Photographer : Eugene Loo


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