Y21 Woman #14 / Charlene Sim

Y21 Woman #14 / Charlene Sim

About Charlene
A strong advocate as well as believer of simple, clean yet alternative skincare products that are safe for use. Charlene is a mother of 2 and the founder of homegrown skincare brand, Glowfully. 

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Charlene is wearing the Marchesa Halter Neck Jumpsuit, will be launching on 21st April on Escape Edit.

Y21: Why did you decide to start Glowfully?

Charlene:  Glowfully was started in 2018 at a time when I was researching on what ingredients to avoid as I was caring for my mum, who was undergoing chemotherapy for her breast cancer. I wanted her to only use products that are beneficial to her. It struck me, that we might have been applying a lot of controversial ingredients that could be toxic to our skin when used daily. I was determined to create a brand that resonated with my belief, that skincare could be simple and effective.

Thus, when we formulate our Glowfully products, we always made sure that the products are nourishing yet not too rich or overpowering, for daily use in our climatic conditions.

Y21: What does your typical day look like?

Charlene:  A typical weekday for me would start at 7am, I will try to clear as many operations or management matters before the team arrives at 9am. Working hours are filled with both internal and external discussions, consequently meetings in between. I try to make it a point to leave work on time. Weekends are my recharging days where I would spend my quality time with my family, accompanied by a game of badminton with my husband and friends.

Y21: What challenges do you face in your day-to-day life?

Charlene:  As a startup, it is hard to pick a particular challenge. We faced many sets of challenges daily. If I must choose which is the hardest, I think it would be people management. Whether it is internally or towards external stakeholders.

Y21: Where do you look for creative inspiration?

Charlene: I enjoy conversing with people. I would always ask what they are looking for in a product? What kind of content makes them click?

Y21: What's your personal style?

Charlene:  Timeless. 

Y21: What makes you happy?

Charlene:  My family. I live by this quote from Dr Joyce Brothers.

When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness.”

Y21:  What does freedom mean to you?

Charlene:  Being able to express my ideas and to realise it.

Y21: You’re a mum and an entrepreneur. How do you balance your time between the two?

Charlene: I have a dedicated timing for my girls. My team are aware of this arrangement, and they would avoid scheduling meetings or any work-related matters during those timings. I make up for that, by coming in to work at 7am.

 Y21:  Any tips on maintaining a healthy work life balance?

Charlene:  Knowing how to prioritise, there will always be work and urgent matters. End of the day, only you know the answer to what is truly urgent and what can wait till the next day. 

Y21: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Charlene:  Surround yourself with good mentors.  

Photographer : Eugene Loo

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